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What is a straw drinking straw?

Around the world hundreds of thousands of acres of wheat are grown, for the production of flour and many other familiar food products. The by-product of wheat is straw, which, in some parts of the world, is still used as animal feed. But in most countries animals are fed engineered food, and straw remains a burden to the farmers. At Blue Huna we have found a suitable use for straw, which would have been left in the field. It is cleaned and pasteurized, cut and packed, to be used as drinking straws. This is natural, fun, and truly amazing!


Domestic straw production

We at Blue Huna have developed a model where straws are produced locally, in any country where they are needed. We provide the know-how, advanced technology, and equipment, along with marketing infrastructure. We do all this to meet the global demand for straws and to provide a high-quality, ecological product.

Why is it important to make the SWITCH?

Every day we unintentionally produce a lot of plastic waste. The products we buy, packaged food, and our daily habits leave us with a lot of garbage, mainly plastic. This plastic breaks down into micro-plastics, which are now found in the soil, water, and even in the air. Now is the time to take responsibility and make the SWITCH, to find suitable alternatives to plastic, and to encourage and support businesses promoting environmental agendas. Our small choices and changes of habit can make a big difference. We have a shared responsibility to the world and future generations.

Why straws, when there is so much plastic?

In Israel, between four and five million drinks are consumed daily. In the US it’s close to 500 million drinks per day! Because of their size and shape, plastic drinking straws aren’t sent to recycling centers and they often find their way into the seas and oceans. The ingestion of the plastic straws is one of the major causes of the death of marine animals due to plastic pollution.

Give to the community, and spread kindness…

Blue Huna strives for benevolence and contribution in any way we can. So our products are packaged in collaboration with the wonderful North Star Association. People with special needs are employed to pack the straws in a sterile manner, which is suitable work for those with disabilities.

Your switch can make a big difference

We believe that even small changes of habit can make a big difference. Intention and awareness will encourage you and those around you to think twice before producing more garbage – before reaching for another plastic bag or drinking from another plastic straw. You can contribute by finding better alternatives. A million people using straw drinking straws instead of plastic straws adds up to a million less straws thrown away, into the environment.

PLA paper straw vs. wheat straw

There are alternative straws on the market, such as those made from PLA, a biodegradable plastic derived from corn, i.e. plastic with a different chemical composition. PLA can undergo biodegradation with bacteria, but only in special composters, at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. If you throw a PLA straw into the regular trash, it will not decompose at all, and will even emit highly toxic gas! As we say, “What looks like plastic, feels like plastic, and smells like plastic -- is plastic.”

Got inspired ? feel ready to make the switch ?

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Want to make a difference on a larger scale ?

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