Frequently Asked Questions

Our straws are made from wheat stalks.
After wheat is harvested, straw is left in the field, as agricultural waste. Our straws are collected and cut by hand, pasteurized (in water only) and packaged.
The straws’ rate of biodegradation depends on various environmental factors such as wind, dampness, and humidity. Because decomposition is completely natural, it does not need any intervention and eventually the straw decomposes on its own, without harming the environment.

The straw goes through a chemical-free rinsing and pasteurization process.

Because the straws are completely natural products, each is a slightly different diameter, ranging from about 1/6 to 1/4 inch. We do our best to maintain the highest quality possible.

Straw is a very durable material. If you are gentle with it and don’t break it, you can use it several times and it can even be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Yes, they are suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

Straw is a neutral substance, which for the most part has no taste. However, because it is a natural product, very sensitive people can distinguish a taste.

No plastic is used in packaging or shipping. At Blue Huna we consider ourselves a leading plastic-free company. We do everything we can to find excellent packaging solutions that don’t harm the environment.

We work with a courier company. To receive shipment by courier, one of the following must be true:
1. On the payment page, you added shipping by courier to your home, at a cost of NIS 40.
2. You made an online purchase of NIS 350 or more.

We chose the name “Blue Huna” because we associate it with the sea turtle, which the Hawaiians call “Huno”. According to ancient tradition, Hawaiian surfers say the prayer “Protect me, Huna.” before entering the water. Huna is the spirit that drives life and the world.

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